Wav Loyel unleashes confidence and power with slick single “Run Up”

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 weeks ago
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Wav Loyel knows that an important part of being seen is seeing yourself. In the confident and rapid-fire single “Run Up”, Loyel showcases slick flow and self-confidence, all with a sticky sense of rhythm. 

“Run Up” is about believing in yourself despite the obstacles that come your way. “Got the talent that a label could only wish that they would sign,” the Indianapolis musician delivers. “Nothing in my pocket for now but I never mind.” After all, Loyel knows that in many ways he is ahead of his time, and time always marches forward.

Public and private collide in the video, which was created by Komputer_Luv. We see Wav Loyel in the streets, backlit by the lights of his home-base Indianapolis, but then cut to the artist on a couch, close-up and personal. Perhaps even more intimate, the artist allows us into  his own recording process. In a world where so many are working from home, the lines between public and private are blurring, and Wav Loyel embraces this in an act of self-esteem. 

To hear more from Wav Loyel, you can find him on his Spotify, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow him on Instagram for more music and news. 

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