Tremble – “Thorns” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Tremble are a three-piece electronic pop band with an eye for poetic nuance and an ear for juxtaposing sound levels. From the solo vocal verses to the large-scale chorus, “Thorns” throws some hard truths about not being able to see the light without the dark while Kelly Sweet dances and brightens up the monochromatic screen. Johnson Valley OHV lends a picturesque landscape and the stark black-and-white images mirror the poignancy of the lyrics. It’s unity in motion.

While Kelly Sweet’s vocals take centre-stage, it’s the electronic synth lines that create the unique thrill of Tremble’s sound. Haywire and Ajax complete the trio and are seen briefly in the video jamming in the desert and adding a strange sense of mystery — once again allowing Sweet to grab hold of the attention and run with it.

Tremble have made a name for themselves through their covers, which you can find on their Youtube page. You can also follow the band on their Twitter, Facebook page, and Website.

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