Todd Warner Moore explores our current age with new album Overnight Flight

Kaitlin Ruether, 12 months ago
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Todd Warner Moore continues to create music between wakefulness and dream. Overnight Flight is Moore’s sixth album since 2018, and weaves contemporary images into timeless melodies. 

The acoustic folk singer explores ideas of human emotion and connectedness on this record, even noting our current moment of isolation on “Masks (Fever Dreams)”, which opens evocatively with lyrics, “Masks over faces / Fragments of places.” The track finds a distance to the vocals but ever-growing instrumentation. The steady beat echoes anxiety and stability at once. 

There is a similar effect on “Mistakes”, which dances in harmonic subtleties as the vocals float. Here, as on “Overnight Flight”, there is a lullaby quality to the sound. This idea of sleep and sleeplessness is carried into “Wake Up Feeling Fine”, on which Moore sings, “Falling to sleep is not hard / it’s the waking up part.”

Moments of liveliness fill in the spaces between. “Paul’s Way” is bouncy in tone with emphasis on smooth rhythm, though the lyrics slide away from the jaunty mood. “Rite of Rain” is the first of two instrumental tracks and opens with a swell of strings, evoking a sense of joy matched only in the concluding “Blossoming (The Other Side)”. Here, shakers and strings find a sunny sense of magic, and the album concludes with a twinkle. 

Overnight Flight explores the insomnia, isolation, and anxiety that is prevalent in the current age, but it also finds time to celebrate the beauty that can be created through careful melody and complexity. To hear more from Todd Warner Moore, you can find him on his website, Bandcamp, and Youtube page. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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