Tim Buds Releases New Single “When The Devil Prowls.”

Ryan Pod, 1 year ago
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Debuting on the NSM pages today is South Carolina based singer Tim Buds. today he unleashes a brand new single entitled “When The Devil Prowls.” With a hip-hop background, Buds dives further into many other genres on “When The Devil Prowls” including indie pop and rock, punk rock, and dream pop

The South Carolina singer capped off 2019 with his debut EP, “High Definition” with more focus on making 2020 a year of growth and development.

So far in the new year, Tim Buds has released four new singles, each one possessing its own sound. As the year moves forward look for Buds to release more music, including a single series titled, “Taste Buds” that will consist of six songs in six weeks.

He’s also working on his second EP titled “The Echo Room”. Which is set to be released around Fall 2020 /Winter of 2021.

As we all try to find our place in the universe, it is important for us to stay true to ourselves, and by pouring his soul and creative energy into each one of his records, Tim is trying his best to do that.

Check out “When The Devil Prowls” below. Enjoy!

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