Synthonic – “Head Banging” (Single)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Synthonic is a new project that declares a creatively restless mind in all the best ways. The project comes from Kieron Garrett — an artist who previously released music with the Kieron Garrett Quartet, a jazz project — and who is now making strides into the electronic genre. But the jazz is there in the complexity of the layers of this electrofunk jam. If you’re into musical innovation, you won’t want to miss London’s Synthonic.

The upcoming EP, titled Sunshine, is a collection of five songs that concludes with the single “Head Banging”. With a wash of weaving synths, “Head Banging” breaks open with the organic sound of bongos and a shifting movements. There is something magical to the trills and delicate touches that carry the song through grand moments and those drawn with more restraint. With a perfect wind-down apt for the conclusion of the EP, this track feels both complete and as though it belongs to another plane: somewhere where genre is a fuzzier concept, and the power is in the mood.

If you love “Head Banging”, you’ll love Sunshine. To hear more from Synthonic, you can find him at his website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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