Sup? transition into the crypto-world with chill anti-establishment track “I Quit”

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 weeks ago
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Sup? formed to celebrate the joys in life through music and friendship. However, this past year has shown us trying times in terms of celebrating joy. With “I Quit”, Sup? explore frustration and the freedom that can arise from leaving conventional ideas of normalcy behind. 

As proof of this shift, Sup? are going to be releasing their music as NFTs. “I Quit” marks the beginning of this shift, and you couldn’t pick a better song to fit the method. “I Quit” relishes the idea of finding your own freedom — perhaps financial, or perhaps by leaving behind other societal expectations. The song carries chill vibes on a clicking percussion base. The vocals start low and rise up for tonal juxtaposition. 

Guy Zalaxy and Bucky Skullet come together to launch this phase of their career. If you’re digging “I Quit”, it’s important to note that only 100 NFTs will be released. Each comes with a package of perks including tickets to future shows and a Founders Collection print of all future records. 

To hear more from these internet trailblazers, you can find Sup? on their Instagram. You can also follow them on Twitter for more music and news. Find the “I Quit” NFT here.

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