She’s Excited! releases audio-visual EP ‘Shock Therapy’ bursting with energy and collaboration

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 month ago
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She’s Excited! is the musical moniker for Brooklyn-based producer and performer Anne Wichmann. Wichmann, who originally hails from Munich, was inspired by the simultaneous feelings of apocalypse and teamwork that came from the NYC lockdown early in the pandemic. The resulting EP, “Shock Therapy” is bursting with collaboration and anxiety. 

Shock Therapy is not your average EP. For starters, it comes as a multimedia visual experience. She’s Excited! wrote two songs for the EP and the remaining three are remixes, each with a video with visuals by a different artist. “Add Clarity” opens the EP and is raw with anxious vocals that blend wild and loud notes with softer moments. “If I refuse to sleep,” Wichmann delivers with grandiosity, “whose gonna dream my dreams?” All the while, Erin Wajufos’ animated and filmed video plays out, glitching at just the right moments and steady when you can’t look away.

“Whole” is more eerie in tone. The vocals shudder, no longer unwieldy but full of a dark and heavy melody. Ix shells’ visuals match the tone — a black and white light show with rippling effects. The Cameron Gary Remix of the track is instantly higher in tone. The vocals find more of a whispering presence under dance beats as Jay Tobin’s collection of visual filaments wave and reform themselves in a colourful mesmerizing performance.

The final two tracks are both remixes of “Add Clarity”. The first is the Trovarsi Live Modular Remix and features psychedelic fractal visuals in the theme of New York by Chantal deFelice. If the original song was anxious, this one can best be described as “dance-anxious”. The Primitive Heart Remix closes the EP with visuals by Copy Planet–Wauman & Salafurka. This one takes “Add Clarity” and adds the ominous sense of “Whole” while clipping out vocal seconds for a strange and new effect. The images, on the other hand, show what seems to be a heart radiating symbols. More mysterious, and yet perfectly matched. 

To hear more from She’s Excited!, you can find her on her website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter for more music and news. 

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