Riccardo Chiarion mingles melodies on solo jazz guitar debut Quiet Stories

Kaitlin Ruether, 6 months ago
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Riccardo Chiarion’s Quiet Stories is a spacious, mellow, and minimalistic exploration of melody and countermelody. In ten songs, Chiarion creates a journey. 

“Jazz solo guitar is not so easy,” he explains of the project. “I always wanted to record an album playing alone but I was waiting for the right moment to do it.” The artist has previously played with many jazz musicians, both in his home country of Italy and internationally. 

The guitar draws you in on “Delicato”, which opens the record with a chilled out sense that slowly becomes bouncier, winding around itself until it finds a stasis. “Hidden Blues” is slicker, while “Piccoli Passi” feels romantic in the sweetness that develops. 

In a world when personal meetings are rare and professional meetings have taken on a new tone, the gentle pulse of “Meetings” feels like a juxtaposition, matched in delicateness with “Fields and Sky”, which carries a wintery magic. 

Though each of the songs feels connected with those around it, it is in moments of found melody or mystic intertwining that Quiet Stories takes hold. Take this soft jazz in and sense the artistry behind every note; there is a world of it there.

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