Oneo Fakind explore the cosmos with “The Coniologist” and accompanying visuals

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 months ago
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Coniology is the study of atmospheric dust — perhaps in search of cosmic origin, and always with a sense that there is knowledge to be found in even the darkest places. Oneo Fakind use this idea as inspiration for their experimental electronic track “The Coniologist”. 

The duo hails from Canada (both Vancouver and Toronto) and formed in 2017. Having found sources of creation in an ever-changing world, the project seeks to find beauty with their album The Start of Something. “The Coniologist” gives us a shimmering taste. 

Above, watch the sensory clip for the track, which moves through texture and space to create a visual both psychedelic and tangible. There is a slimy beginning, a gathering of people (remember those?), and even dancing present between the zipping lights. 

The song sparkles with synths and utilizes patterns to create meaning, a la Philip Glass, while always keeping a foot in the ultra-present. “The Coniologist” lurches, growing bigger and sprawling out, as melodies tangle around each other. At the end, you are left with a twinkling melody that could come from a music box for all its delicate nostalgia. 

“The Coniologist” comes from Oneo Fakind’s latest album The Start of Something. To hear more from Oneo Fakind, you can find the duo on their SoundCloud, Spotify, and their Instagram page.

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