NSM Premiere: Greg Hoy celebrates his daughter and Women’s History Month with “Here Comes the Light”

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 months ago
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Greg Hoy is going for honest optimism in his song “Here Comes the Light”. Written for his daughter and released for Women’s History Month, the song is a moving look at the turmoil the world contains and the perseverance and energy that can help you through. 

A musician of many hats, Greg Hoy has worked as a producer, engineer and marketer. He has even composed jingles. His work as a songwriter showcases his diverse talents, and the personal flair he adds to his solo work gives an extra glimmer to the sound. The evidence is in the sound.

“Here Comes the Light” rocks with the best of them. The gritty sound is evocative of Frank Black’s rough edged rambling, and in true Pixies-style, the track is something of a shapeshifter. Strumming might hook a listener, but the break into a melody more electronic will keep you coming back. The bass line provides a through line of complexity. 

The lyrics themselves ride the line between optimism and realism. Earnestness is refreshing, and lyrics “Here comes the light you never wanted / Spin it round, round, round, round again” show Hoy’s reflectiveness. Life, he suggests, is what you make it. 

The accompanying music video shows the lyrics against a nostalgic background of brown paper textures and animated cut-outs. The overall effect feels like a nod to zine culture, a befitting gesture for the genre at work and a cultural longing for genuine media. Do-it-yourself is not just an aesthetic choice here, but the theme of the song. 

To hear more from Greg Hoy, you can find him on his website, BandCamp, and Instagram page. You can also follow him on Twitter for more music and news. Find our past coverage of Greg Hoy here and here.

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