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Rising UK rap artist NOLAY breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with some stunning visuals for her latest single “Gang Shxt”.

Kicking off her 2021 in a big way, “Gang Shxt” is featured off of her sixth studio EP KALAS. Doing lyrical gymnastics over the infectious production, “Gang Shxt” sees Nolay fully coming into her own to solidify her status one of the best rap artists and lyricists in the UK.

This EP came to life when I came to a crossroads in my career. I had hit so many bumps in the road during my time in the music game, and after a string of disheartening situations with unscrupulous executives, I decided I was going to pursue my acting career, because some very promising doors within the acting industry had opened up for me, and to be honest, my love for music was slowly fizzling out, due to experiencing the same kind of charlatans and timewasters in the music business.

Music went from something that I loved to something that felt like a chore, and something that hurt to participate in, but then I met my new manager and his team, and things turned around pretty quickly after that. One minute, I was talking about quitting rap to become an actress, and then a few months later, we are six music videos deep with an EP on the way, which I believe is my greatest body of work to date. More importantly, the train of thought I am currently on is that I have greater music to come in the future, and without my manager, I cannot be sure that I would have fallen in love with my craft again to be able to say that”.

– Nolay

Watch the “Gang Shxt” video above and be sure to follow Nolay on Spotify and SoundCloud to check out her 7-track EP ‘KALAS’ available now.

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