Negativehate – Solipsis (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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NegativeHate have created metal, math metal, and even street hip hop with their side project Negativefeedback. This is a group of musicians who have explored and grown from it, having it all culminate in what you hear today: a genre-bending blend of prog rock, alt-rock, and metal. Their new album, Solipsis, is conceptual, written after a story that the band created, then given new life through the sometimes clean, sometimes chaotic music that they are so skilled at creating.

All but one of the songs on Solipsis are over seven minutes long, with some tracking at over ten. The lyrics come down to single paragraphs of text, allowing the music to meander and interpret the words as they come. Where some tracks might focus on contrasting a musical sense of modernity with lyrics that harken back to something ancient “(Dream Protection) Sea of Perdition”, others draw from the metal band’s roots, but convey a lyrical sense of something contemporary, such as the final line of “Don’t Wake What You Create”: “Stand down and let the earth win.”

The fifth track on the album provides a minute-and-a-half release. The instrumental is a simplified version of chaos that introduces the high energy of the final two tracks. “Hyperborean Fields” is the longest track on the album, and hangs on to great rolling riffs and has a worldly playfulness to it.

One of the strengths of NegativeHate is the way they balance a sense of fragility with something powerful and fearless. “Beyond Aurora” embraces a mystical quality in its melancholy craft, and when it opens up to grow, it is pure celebratory energy. “Disintegrating Waves”, concludes the album on a heavier note, and embraces a chaotic energy in the hiss of the cymbals and the many layers. The math-metal undertones are always present, keeping the album unified and true to its own sound.

To hear more from NegativeHate, check out their Bandcamp, Facebook page, and SoundCloud.

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