Napoleon Gold – Love Don’t Cut Me Down (Feat. Haiva Ru)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Somewhere between presence and absence is insomnia. This is a space that Antoine Honorez — the mind behind Napoleon Gold — knows well, and a space that is projected across every moment of latest clip, “Love Don’t Cut Me Down”. 

Allie Merrill of Haiva Ru is spotlighted in the track and the clip, bringing the dreamy and swaying sense of the song to life. We see her in the off-hours of a bedroom bathed in orangey light and fully-clothed in a bathtub, moving steady to the rhythm of the song. Somehow the video is comforting and disquieting at once: a perfect compliment to the song. 

There is a nostalgic haze to the synth-sound of this bend of dreamy, snappy pop. Layering builds complexity as Merrill’s vocals carry the sweet melody along. “Sometimes I do dream of the future,” she sings, “visions in my head, and I wonder, all our troubles could be fewer. Out of sight, out of mind.”

Stillness and activity are only opposites if you discount the ever-present activity of the mind, and this is a song and video that embrace that middle ground wholeheartedly. 

To hear more from Napoleon Gold, you can follow the project on SoundCloud, Facebook, and on Twitter. You can also find more Haiva Ru on SoundCloud and Facebook.

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