Michelle Creber – On Display (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
Album Review

Vancouver’s Michelle Creber has had a busy year — releasing full-length On Display in the summer and pushing forward with the single (and music video) release for “Haunted House” in time with Halloween — this 20-year-old acting, singing, and dancing powerhouse is ready to take over. 

While Halloween may have passed, the spooky rise (or fall) of Autumn continues onwards. With winter looming and dead-leaves crunching, has the frightful mood really left? “Haunted House” will take you right back there with trickling melodies that run down your spine, almost sickly-sweet vocals, and a steady rise up into the moonlight.

On Display is a collection of pop anthems and smooth ballads that showcases both Creber’s vocals and her ear for melodies and complex layering. Crisply produced, the record could fit snuggly on the top charts with its impossibly catchy hooks and vibrant sass. 

Whether you’re in the rose-coloured mood of love (“Unexpected”) or looking for a fight song against the injustices of the world (“Superhero”, which features the smooth vocal talent of Black Gryph0n), On Display is here and looming large. Even the songs with raw and delicate beginnings — such as the title track — spread out with grand wings and soar. Creber even has the vocal chops to bring the Broadway-esque ode to optimism “Half is Full” to bright fruition. 

But it is when she shares vocal magic with Natalie Sharp on “One For All” that the album seems to fulfill a promise of catchy, risk-taking pop that feels the most original. Marching band drums set the pace as the two vocalists let their sound compliment each other. 

To hear more from Michelle Creber, you can find her on her website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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