Melpo Mene – “Wrong at Last”

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Swedish born, Los Angeles-based Melpo Mene breaks onto the NewSickMusic pages with a shiny new indie-pop single, “Wrong At Last,” which doubles as a powerfully cathartic release. With unparalleled authenticity and self-awareness, Melpo offers generous words for a sort of humbled therapy.

Driving guitars and subtle percussion greet you in “Wrong At Last,” followed by warm, atmospheric synths that ground the song. Melpo’s gorgeous vocals come in with a confidence that’s comforting and authoritative as he muses about humanity and all the different ways we interpret what’s right in front of us. But no matter how WE look at it, “Wrong At Last” simply feels right. It feels warm and familiar. We’ll have this one on repeat for the coming months.

“While most people are eager to be right all the time, a pessimist is actually dying to be wrong because it’s in the rare case of a pessimist being wrong that something was in fact better than estimated. Rather than regarding the glass as half-full or half-empty, may I suggest we look rather at its direction.”

– Melpo Mene

Listen to “Wrong At Last” above and be sure to follow Melpo Mene on Spotify and SoundCloud to stay up on all new releases.

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