Kero Uno ft. Kelsey Bulkin - Princess Diamond [starRo Remix]

Kero Uno ft. Kelsey Bulkin – Princess Diamond [starRo Remix]

Paula Truscott, 5 years ago
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For me, the beauty of a good remix is that it opens up a track to a new audience, with their own set of tick boxes on what makes something worth dancing around in their knickers to. A fair few remixers have been scorned by Soundcloud lately, and to quote one such producer, “no original song has ever suffered from a remix. Ever. If anything, we just trynna extend the life of music we admire and that inspired us.

Speaking of remixes, Japanese jam-machine starRo has just let loose his rendition of Kero Uno‘s chilled out, ‘future soul’ Princess Diamond  beat – and it’s an official flip, so Soundcloud best not be touching that shit. starRo strips back Kelsey Bulkin‘s vocals, picks up the pace and injects a wee bit of bass (which kicks in at the 1 minute mark, for those of you that skip to the drop to gauge banger status). The dude starRo does it justice, maintaining the chill factor but just giving it that tasty touch of trap, which for me, pleases the ears plenty.

The OG track courtesy of Kero Uno is super sexy – you can catch the video here, which is equally sexy in vast, luscious landscape and gun-yielding, store-robbing lesbians. You can also stream starRo or Kero Uno on Soundcloud… unless they do a Lido and get sent to the naughty corner. Let’s hope not 😉

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