It’s Just Craig – Dark Corners (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Let’s get into concept again, this time with the Americana semi-gothic album Dark Corners by It’s Just Craig — a six member collaboration that is decidedly more than “just” Craig. The album follows the captain of a cargo boat as he leaves his life on the shore for life on the seas to melancholic results, but the tracks reach beyond their narrative to grip you in a way not too different from artists like Damien Rice or Ryan Adams.

The tracks are smooth and often feature vocal duets. Piano welcomes us to the album on “Intro” and slides into “Go”. By “Alone”, the soft complexity that is a result of live tracking and limited takes is present. But the album doesn’t stick to this gentleness, and moves into jazzy territory on “Captain” and even retro-synth sounds with “Siren Sings”. It’s Just Craig have no intention to be a one note band, so they even dip into experimental: “Rain Never Came” uses the music to recreate the power of a thunderstorm as the vocals deadpan like Lou Reed and keep a minimalism until the track breaks open.

“Goodnight”, which you can hear above, finds the place where It’s Just Craig’s softness meets grandiosity. The percussion lurches the track into motion and gets to the heart of the “along for the ride” theme of the album.

Dark Corners will be released on June 30th and features an outside-of-the-narrative hidden track that you won’t want to miss. Until the release, you can find It’s Just Craig on Facebook, SoundCloud, and their website.

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