Experience the audio-visual explorations from Sonarpilot with “City in the Sky” and “Fossil”

Kaitlin Ruether, 11 months ago
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Once a month between May and December, Sonarpilot is releasing an experience. Different terrains and spacious explorations form the foundation of these audio-visual statements. Prepare to explore unreality and the impacts of humanity with The Mirage Project

If that sounds lofty, give the track above a listen. The ambient experimental music of “City in the Sky” pulses with electronic life as the rhythm crunches beneath. There is bustle and a clean, bittersweet melody that complements the images that don’t accompany the track, but elevate it. A city appears floating above the world and at turns slips from view. Perhaps it’s in pieces, or maybe we just can’t see it all as it dissipates and reappears. Impermanence permeates. 

The second release is in another world, and it’s hard to tell how literal that statement is. In “Fossil”, we have the sense of diving into a microscope exploration of life underwater. Every line pulses and moves with an uncanny grace. There are moments when the fractal images could be of our world — particularly when they are at their grimiest. The music features the drip-drip-drip of water and clicking, otherworldly rhythm. Despite the more organic-looking images, the track feels more technical and matches the odd movements of the images perfectly. 

Sonarpilot — or Michael Moppert — has been working with film producer Roger Mäder to create these monthly instalments. To keep up with the project, check out the website. You can also check out Sonarpilot’s YouTube channel, website, and Facebook page.

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