Everett Gibbons – Dam(n) The Mainstream (Album Stream)

Bryan Montesano, 5 years ago
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“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I go by the name of Everett Gibbons, and this, well, this is Damn(n) The Mainstream… I hope ya’ll like what you hear”.

Hip-hop artist, Everett Gibbons has been on the #NSM radar ever since the release of his conceptual EP, The Vent, last year.

Coming straight out of Pelham, New Hampshire, Gibbons has found his way back to the #NSM homepage with the recent release of his full-length album, Damn(n) The Mainstream.

Damn(n) The Mainstream consists of 13 tracks that each include the distinct features that make Gibbons a talented rapper.

Whether it’s the catchy hook from “Champion”, stylistic flow on “Hippie Van”, or the jazz backed “When The River Went Dry”, Gibbons knows what type of artist he is and has clearly been working on his craft since we last heard from him.

Dam(n) The Mainstream has a team of talented producers including the likes of Dos Gringos, Nextwon, Louis Mackey, Killa K, and Commacomma. Each of their respective productions match perfectly with Gibbons’ flows which ultimately make this album a successful release.

Check out Dam(n) The Mainstream above and let us know your favorite track in the comments!

Be sure to reach out to Everett on Twitter and soundcloud! The future is bright for this promising emcee.


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