Eric H. F. Law explores genre and finds the light on album Better Angels.

Kaitlin Ruether, 6 months ago
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Eric H. F. Law wants to confront fear and divisiveness, and there’s never been a better time. The folk-rock musician has unleashed a collection of melodic tunes with an in tricot guitar presence for you to lose yourself in. 

The musician is also a prolific author and Episcopal priest. These other accomplishments don’t pull from his musicianship, but rather add to it. Explorations in genre showcase an adventurous approach to creation as well as a restlessness. Better Angels is a practice of scope. 

The record opens with expansive and bluesy “Don’t Be Afraid”, which introduces the stark guitar that will come to guide the album. On the sleepier “Braver Space”, the punctuation of the guitar adds sentiment to the love song lyrics, which already carry a sense of the melancholy.

Despite the chant-seriousness of “Bountiful Sky” — which is simply mesmerizing in its underscoring and search for what is good — there is plenty of fun to be had here. “Out of the Closet” is jovial and fresh: “There’s ain’t no room for dancing or lovemaking / that’s why I’m moving out of the closet!” Law declares.

“Fill Me With Your Spirit” brings it all home with poetic natural imagery. Ultimately, this album is positive: it’s just smart enough to know how to embrace the sadness within that. 

To hear more from Eric H. F. Law, you can find him on his website, Spotify, and Facebook page.

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