Disaster Relief with Thornetta Davis release moving and bluesy two single set “How I Feel” and “Not So Scared of You”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 month ago
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Disaster Relief has teamed up with Detroit’s “Queen of the Blues” Thornetta Davis to release a double single that blends optimism with candid flares of reality. 

Darrin James formed Disaster Relief as a way to bring levity to the stressful age we live in. The choice to work with Thornetta Davis brings soulful and immense energy to the project. What results is music that feel necessary for our times.

“How I Feel” is funky from the get. “You’ve never really walked in my shoes,” Davis delivers as the heart of the song. “You don’t know my pain.” Though the subject matter might feel dark in moments, the song finds celebration in education. “You know the world has to change / we gotta make it better every day,” Davis interjects. “How I Feel” is a reminder not to make assumptions, but to always be open to empathy. 

“Not So Scared of You”, on the other hand, does settle into a darker space. Here, a liar is called out. The song has more of a drawl and the organs fill the ambiance. Still, Disaster Relief and Thornetta Davis are never ones for pessimism. The ultimate takeaway from the lyrics here is that a strong community built on love can help you withstand anything. 

From the saxophone solo of “How I Feel” to the electric guitar that weaves throughout “Not So Scared of You”, this is a double single with as much musical punch as lyrical importance. We can only wait and see what these artists do next. 

To hear more from Disaster Relief, you can find them on their Bandcamp and Facebook. You can find more Thornetta Davis on her website, and you can find the combination on their Bandcamp page

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