Da’Vinci finds ethereal chill with soundscape EP Stardust

Kaitlin Ruether, 6 months ago
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Da’Vinci wastes no time or sounds. Stardust, the latest EP from the Brooklyn producer, is as ethereal as its name. Loaded with beats overlain with soft — and sometimes spectral — synths, this short collection is a vibe and a half.

Despite the chillness of the rhythms which make it easy to lose yourself to the songs, there is an awareness of each choice. Da’Vinci, along with musicians Jean Bleu, Cami, Teddi Hones, and Eiby, create four distinct pieces. The smooth pulse of “Thisside” works effectively as an opener, while “Skyhai” and “Getdown” — the only tracks over two minutes long — settle into themselves comfortably.

“Heatnup”, true to its title, does pick the album up in pace. There is an eeriness to the melody, which catches in patterns. The aforementioned “Skyhai” brings nighttime to the EP with a floating sense of possibility. Drawing on this, uncertainty takes hold on “Getdown”, which thrills with evocative sliding synths.

Stardust might be a short ride, but these songs certainly move you along with them. Close your eyes and tune in — let Da’Vinci carry you forward.

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