“Dance Without Fear” is a collaborative track that embraces bravery

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 week ago
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A love of collaboration flavours “Dance Without Fear”, the latest single from Rebel ACA and French Monkey Wrench. 

Not only do these two artists frequently collaborate with each other, but for this track they have enlisted the talents of iSTAND and Danny Sprang. “Dance Without Fear” is an upbeat celebratory track that will no doubt lift you up for a moment of freedom. 

The track is groovy: percussion and a bass line give the backbone that carries the song as it expands with layers and joy. There is a reggae sense to this hip-hop, and the melody is infectious. The joyful lyrics match the sense of community that created the track, giving a unified ideology to a song that endorses bravery. 

“Dance Without Fear” is one of eight singles released monthly by Rebel ACA and French Monkey Wrench. To hear more from the project, you can find them on their Facebook page. You can also follow Rebel ACA on Twitter for more music and news. 

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