D.E.L blend taut emotions with mesmerizing melodies on new single “Bloom”

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 months ago
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At first, Sydney-based trio D.E.L’s track “Bloom” is mesmerically dreamy. Listen to the lyrics, however, and you find an undercurrent of anxieties. 

This is one of the calling cards of D.E.L’s vision for art. The project was originally created by multi-media artist Time de la Hoyde, but later expanded to include his brothers Nick and Joseph de la Hoyde. The trio is inspired by taut emotional states and the joining of senses. 

“Bloom” is delicate and luxurious in its layering of gentle melodies. The vocals wait before coming in, letting the listener adjust to the synths and electronic percussion before dropping raw emotions. “Stuck inside my head,” the lyrics repeat. “What happened to my friends?” It’s hard not to relate in the current age, and even harder not to be swept into the melody. 

What results from this juxtaposition is a small glimpse of our times. There is uncertainty and overthinking everywhere, but also the power of innovation and an understanding found in others. At three minutes long, “Bloom” begs for repeat listen. This time, I encourage you to close your eyes. 

To hear more from D.E.L, you can find them on their Spotify and Facebook page. You can also follow them on Instagram for more news. 

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