Couch Jackets – “Don’t Think Just Breathe” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Couch Jackets are walking the line between hyper-aware intelligent rock and the kind of high-energy bliss that we all need right now to escape the absurdity of life. This is how their video for new track “Don’t Think Just Breathe” unravels. Oh yes, there is method to this madness, and it will leave you hungry for more.

With vocals that growl with emotion and a big rock introduction, the track subverts the typical small-verses-explosive-chorus structure and instead gets real soft and real smooth for the chorus. It’s a comfort, a lull after the blast of energy that opened the track up. With the video slipping into psychedelic visuals, the lyrics “don’t think just breathe” form their own kind of “this too shall pass” mantra — except this one is pushing you towards idleness.

Speaking of visuals, the clip features a television outline for the majority of the footage, which moves between clips of environmental and world destruction, and the band themselves eating some obscure, unappetizing foods that begin to poison them. See if you can spot all the media forms and types that are being satirized — the video is saturated with sarcasm.

Unlike the foods that wipe out the band in the clip and much like the human need to know what’s happening in the world, Couch Jackets are addictive. If you’re going to be spending time browsing the internet for more things to watch, you could do a lot worse than spending a few more minutes with “Don’t Think Just Breathe.”

Couch Jackets new album Go To Bed drops on July 27th. To hear more from the band, check out their website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also find them on Twitter.

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