Chick Quest – Vs. Galore (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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Why Chick Quest flew under my radar for this long is beyond me. With their debut album released just this year, they’re new. By combining post-punk and classic western film sounds, they’re sick. And oh man, do they have a knack for music. This band feels like Devotchka’s gypsy-punk meets The Rapture’s revivalist dance-punk. Their self-released debut is called Vs. Galore and it moves from chaos to order with something close to elegance — which is exactly what you’d want.

The first track, “Somebody Call a Doctor”, is a catchy show of skills. Speedy trumpet meets fuzzy post-punk vocals and guitar. “Girl On Fire” continues on this thread with more great guitar riffs and a driving bass. From there the album only branches: the rock-out “Vengeance is Fun” to the vintage sway of “Schatzi” with its lyrics all in German. “Monkey No Dance For No One” highlights percussion while “Explain Yourself To A Bat” and “You Can’t Have A Future in Television” bring pure punk rage and energy.

There are two instrumental tracks that dig deep into the heart of the album. “Sounds Like Bruce!” seamlessly weaves bass and guitar melodies with garage style. It’s a total jam. The final track on the album, “Go Back to ze Dezert,” is immense. Sometimes reminiscent of a distorted music box, sometimes bringing the spaghetti western vibes full-force, and wholly triumphant, the track is a perfect ending to a strong album.

The Vienna-based band can be followed on Twitter, and found on Facebook, SoundCloud, or BandCamp. Check out their website for more news.

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