Alex Woodard connects prose to song with rollicking single “Halfway”

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 months ago
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Alex Woodard brings all his talent and practice in prose to his songwriting, and this is abundantly clear on his single “Halfway”, which is based on his own collection of essays titled Living Halfway.

The book is not a self-help book, nor is it a simple autobiography. The same complex nuance can be found in the song. There is no preaching here, nor does the song feel simply a tale. Instead, this is an exploration of what it means to live a life, whether it is on the road, amidst technology, or when you run up against the wall that is trying your best.

The song, which has a flair reminiscent of Springsteen, is full of strumming life and layered percussion. The vocals bounce as the instrumentation flushes out beneath. Woodard explores life as a dreamer with a return to the image of an old Chevrolet, straddling nostalgia and a push for the future.

The accompanying clip was created by the award-winning San Diego musician Savannah Philyaw. Animation allows the lyrics to take a literal meaning (when a “little town” is found, it is under a rock in the desert, for example). Moving from polaroid memory to polaroid memory, the effect is the story of a life in fragments. After all, how else can one tell the story of a life?

To hear more from Alex Woodard, you can find him on his website, Youtube, and Facebook page. You can also follow him on Instagram for more news.

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