3D The Boss have created a multidimensional experience with cardio pop record “Push It”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 week ago
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3D The Boss are, as their name implies, creating a multi-dimensional lifestyle experience through their music. This “cardio pop” trio have created a genre-fluent set of emotive tracks that work seamlessly as workout songs. 

The Atlanta-based trio pull from 70’s and 80’s funk and R&B inspirations, while also leaning into an electronic modern pulse. Addressing issues of unhealthy self-image, unconscious messaging, and imbalanced role-models is at the heart of their art, which finds its soul in explorations of love. 

“GO” opens the album on a concretely workout vibe, complete with lyrics containing instructions for movement. “Now squat and move,” the lyrics instruct before launching into a directional refrain. The song is cleanly produced and groovy with a stunning bass-line — a note that continues throughout the record. “Push It” takes this one step further with an accompanying workout video to pair with the floating, R&B smoothness. “Up On Your Way” is all about that body with an 80s pop track containing, once again, a simply killer bass-line.

But it’s not all about the workout when it comes to 3D The Boss. The musicians are well-versed in music history and can flow from genre to genre with grace. “BBGG” is jazzy, mysterious, and has an underground narrative to fill it out. “Do My Dance” jumps with horn inclusion and organic percussion — we’re talking snapping — to bring back that retro feel. In truth, each track on the album finds a space of its own to play with, right up to the closer, “Still Standing”, a powerful showcase of strength in story and in vocal range. 

3D The Boss are multidimensional in content, purpose, and tone. The thread that ties it all together? Musicianship that shines and a clean and clear vision of production. You’ll want this record on repeat during your next workout.

To hear more from 3D The Boss, you can find them on their website, Spotify, and Facebook page. You can also subscribe to them on YouTube for more music and news. 

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