2012 Bid Adieu – “SANITY”

@NewSickMusic, 2 months ago
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As everyone adjusts to new realities amid the coronavirus pandemic, 2012 Bid Adieu’s single off their upcoming EP, ‘reCAPTCHA’, suggests that they’ve spent enough time isolating and are ready to be heard.

“Sanity” finds the lead vocalist, Jordan Clark, unwound, reveling in the confusion of 2020, delivering a vocal performance that lands nourishingly between the realms of rap, pop, and R&B. Produced by 2012 Bid Adieu’s Gray Hall, Clark delivers a focused rap verse with an almost chant-like cadence that glides across a clean and spacious synth line that includes an undercurrent of complex percussion and thumping bass that prevents the beat from getting too repetitive.

Listen to “Santity” below and be sure to follow 2012 Bid Adieu on Spotify to hear the rest from “reCAPTCHA” and more.

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