Soul Messengers – “Vision & Faith” (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Soul Messengers are rooted deeply in old-school soul and funk music. Their first two albums, “I’m Alive” (2013), and “Dirty Soul” (2015) were highly acclaimed for the authenticity of the sound and the true love for the genre, and their latest record, Vision & Faith, still holds this close. What Soul Messengers excel at, however, is their ability to use all of their classic talents to mix in a bit of the contemporary world as well.

If you’re looking for those pure soul vibes, check out album opener “Let’s Go To Bed”, or “Whiplash”, which is a true gem of the album. Looking for something more hybrid? Swing to the heavier rock’n’roll vibes of “It’s Too Late For Tears”, or the 50s school dance sway of “Don’t Let Them Tell You.” If that’s still not enough of a mix, Soul Messengers have just about the funkiest cover of “Eleanor Rigby” that you’re ever going to hear.

If the diversity on Vision & Faith hasn’t completely won you over, then check out the individual players. From the bass line on “Whiplash” to the verse-and-chorus filling guitar solo on “Don’t Let Them Tell You” to the punchy organ on “I’m Your Dog”. No one misses a chance to shine on this record. Throughout we have Rich Aljinovic’s soulful voice leading through, guiding at every corner.

The album ends on “Wake Up ’17” which joyously brings back the horns and gives a celebratory soul-and-funk ending that compliments the album’s opening. There’s no way to read this track as anything but commentary on the current age. The words “Wake up people, It’s time we start to mend. Life, before it ends” close the album on a powerful note. We are all left with something to think about, and with music that is somehow both of the past, and helplessly rooted in the present.

To hear more from Soul Messengers, check out their website, Bandcamp, and Facebook page. You can also find them on Twitter.

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