Evan & The Live Oaks – Hyde Street (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Bay Area band Evan & the Live Oaks are throwing it back to the age of classic rock with their blend of folk and rock’n’roll. Though their latest EP, Hyde Street, is only three songs long, it is a collection of fully formed Americana songs with dynamic shifts and rhythms that will get your toes tappin’.

A lot of Evan & the Live Oaks originality comes from the careful blend of the delicate and the powerful. Both “On the Otherside” and “Home” have openings that evoke the sense of something mystical, but both songs grow and rise until a wild guitar solo takes the melodies for a spin. In fact, guitar solos are a staple of the tracks on Hyde Street — each breakaway taking the energy to an eleven.

Hyde Street has its most powerful moments when alternative instrumentation comes in to mingle with the raw power of the guitars, vocals, and percussion. Horns on “Home” and “Maybe Later” create a strong groove, while the organ on “Home” develops that underlying joyful Americana.

Hyde Street is a successfully flavourful collection of songs that will have you excited for what Evan & the Live Oaks will bring next. Currently, they are touring the West Coast. Find out if they’ll be coming to a city near you on their website. You can also find the band on their Bandcamp and Facebook page.

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