Erich Mrak – See You in September (Visual)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Erich Mrak is back to showcase his ability to imbue a fetching tune with enough dreamy spaciousness to send you into the sweetest of trances. The Torontonian artist brings two of his tracks, “Navigate” and “Riptide”, together with a visual clip that creates a rich and rhythmic atmosphere.

There is plenty to mine on the clip — titled “See You in September” — from the peppered electronic rhythm to the impossibly catchy hooks. “Navigate” opens clean then sprawls into a synth trance. The clip blends gorgeous, mysterious cinematography with an underlying sense of anxiousness propelled by the repeating melody. Is our protagonist lost, or just on his way to where he needs to be? 

When “Riptide” transitions the clip into a more upbeat concreteness, we are given more information. A kitchen-spat, inhaled smoke, and images of movement flash. There is a sense of unity, even in the avant-garde. 

To keep up with Erich Mrak as we await his next release, you can find him on his Instagram, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow the artist on Twitter.

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