#Bloomerangs – Moments and Fragments (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 12 months ago
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Everything in the world feels fragmented right now. Each moment exists as its own world. If you’re looking to be grounded — or to be transported into a world above our own — #Bloomerangs has a release for you. 

With Moments and Fragments set to be released on March 27th, this jazz collective from Indiana create a variety of grooving tunes that expand from chilled-out to ominous … and even touch on elements of grunge.

The piano and guitar take turns stealing the show — showcased on “Leaps and Bounces”, which bustles with energy — but #Bloomerangs are not afraid to go deeper. “Catch a Clue” opens with clapping rhythms and slows into something mysterious and sneaky. Here, experimental sonic explorations provide a cherry on top. “Change of Pace” plays with the same undercover vibes but lends a danceable, jazzy edge. 

Even with the jazz tether, the band is not afraid to explore genre territory while they swing from mood-to-mood. “Mind Your F” has a folk sensibility to it: it’s fragmented and gentle with a lilting melodica. “Another Melancholy Waltz” lives up to its title with a strong recurring melody motif — a technique also used on the epic eight-and-a-half minute “In Some Shape or Form” — which you can hear above. “S Mitchell St” stands out on the record, yet brings together so much of what #Bloomerangs do well. Here we have an anxious atmosphere made dizzying by guitars and a rock-n-roll flourish … all while being undoubtedly in the style of the group. Moments and Fragments is a collection, but one bound together by style.

To hear more from #Bloomerangs, you can find them on their website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow the band on Spotify for more music. 

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