Astralseid find the cosmic in the tribal with Shamanic Love

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 month ago
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Norway’s Astralseid is combining the tribal with the cosmic in their collection of sprawling compositions, titled Shamanic Love. The recommended method of listening is while dancing naked around a campfire, but in the absence of this, an open mind will do. This are songs to escape into. 

“Shadow Love” opens the album with a growl. Something like menace dissolves into vocalization with a heavy rhythm. The song expands as the pace picks up, though it never loses its bodily roots. “Shadow Love” lives in the throat. 

The following song, “Skydance”, is more delicate, with a spaced out trance to the ethereal synths. Beats serve, once again, as a turning point, and continue into the steady “Liberty”. “Love for another is happiness, love for one self is peace, love for the whole of cosmos is liberty,” read the notes for “Liberty”. 

“Awakening” closes on the most stable song yet — a chance to lose yourself in repetition and flow. Unlike the first three songs, this one is less conductive to dancing, and more about journeying inside. Throughout, Astralseid find emphasis on both, and never is this more clear than in this rounding out of the collection. 

To spend more time with Astralseid, you can find them on their website, Bandcamp, and Facebook page. You can also find them on Soundcloud for more music. 

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